MYTH: RTW Interferes with Business Contracts

An argument often given by Republicans who are pro-union is that Right to Work interferes with employer contracts. This is simply not true.

There are two types of contracts that unions negotiate with employers:

Members-Only Contracts where the unions only represent those employees who choose to be members or an Exclusionary Contract where unions choose to monopolize on a business and represent all employees of the business regardless of whether employees want to join the union or not. This latter contract is what many unions in Forced Union states choose because in Forced Union states, employees are FORCED to pay an ‘Agency Fee’ to the union despite not wanting to become a member.

These contracts exist today. Right to Work will not change these contracts other than not forcing employees to pay a fee to a union they want no part of in the first place.

Unions don’t have to make Exclusionary Contracts, it’s a CHOICE.

Right to Work doesn’t interfere with employer contracts with unions because these contracts currently exist. The only difference is that employers won’t be forced to forcibly take money from employees who are forced to pay it thanks to state mandates.

That is called Worker Freedom.